If you’re launching a young company, growing a business or school and value finding meaningful ways to connect with people so that they’ll seek connections with you, please contact me. I promise to work hard to help you create and meet your goals.

One-on-One Brand Strategy Consulting

Connect your ideas to an insightful business strategy, and spur your growth.

Brand Naming

There’s a lot riding on your name. Let’s be sure that you have names for your company, products and services that give you an advantage in your marketplace.

The Total Brand Marketing Plan

Memorable businesses are built on great stories. These stories aren’t just formed by your input, they’re created by everything that you and your company does. People don’t just buy the product itself, people buy the way that the product makes them feel.

Every touch point along the way between you and your most likely customers impacts your brand. We’ll map out your best story and figure out ways to make it meaningful to your customers.

Your brand is much more than just how you attract attention, it’s about what makes you meaningful to others so that they’ll want to buy in. It’s about making sure that your company will have real staying power. People should be happy and look forward to doing business with you. That’s what brand goodness is all about.

If your brand isn’t well figured out and you don’t have a narrative, you risk becoming another generic firm that doesn’t garner goodness and maintain a large following.

Big companies have big budgets. They have research and development departments making and testing products over years before they put them on the market. They have distribution teams that sell their products through store chains and can get good shelf space. They don’t have to depend on their communications connecting with their customers to the level that smaller companies do.

It’s important that you make every point along the way count. What does your logo look like, how do you use media to reach people? Who do you look for when hiring, what have you said about yourself on social media?

Let me bring my experience and guidance to you so that we can team up and allow for more creativity and invention in delivering your story. Let’s make it matter more to those who are perfect for it.

We’ll start with your mission and vision – looking at how it shapes your story and culture. We’ll evaluate where you are now and what we can do to shape your unique story, products and services. We’ll set up guides and best practices based on figuring out how you want to be perceived by your niche customers. We’ll look for opportunities to please people with innovative ideas and helpful information that is meaningful to them.

We’ll review opportunities to team with others that connect with your consumers, growing your exposure. We will find smart ways to shape your culture and brand, a brand that you’ll be excited to live.

I’ve won national Effies for effective branding campaigns. Kellys for top magazine campaigns and over a hundred national and international creative awards from the toughest competitions. They include International Clios and Lions from the Cannes International Festivals. Put my proven creativity to work for your business and let’s map out the smartest way to reach your goals.

 I’ve worked in creative advertising agencies, founded a leading branding school, and started a retail business. Put my knowledge to work for you. Clients include Wrangler, Coty Perfume, USWest, FMC, Barnett Bank, Virginia Tourism, VCU Brandcenter. Local accounts include Rappahannock Westminster Canterbury, Chesapeake Bank, Virginia Dept. of Health, Rappahannock Community College, Docks on the Bay, and the Earth Store.