Imitate Your Way To Finding More Customers.

A quick way to discover more of your ideal customers

Studying how the leaders in your niche communicate with their customers will reward you with smart insights about your own customers.

Every successful business was young and at ground zero once. While you may have a terrific product or service, there’s still the challenge of finding your perfect customers. You won’t find them, or many of them, if you don’t truly understand their lives and how to connect so that it resonates with their needs. This is especially tricky when you have a new company and few customers.

Who does your business want to be when it grows up?

One of the ways to get a better handle on your ideal customer’s desires is to follow a couple of the most successful people and businesses in your category. By paying close attention to how they communicate you can figure out a lot about the customers that you’d like to draw in.

I’ve discovered a cool free tool called SimilarWeb that helps figure out who’s really doing well attracting people. It lets you see just how many are visiting specific websites each month. You’ll also see where they’re coming from and who’s potentially referring them.

You just type in the website address of whomever you want information on. If they’re good at pulling people in, the analytics pop up immediately. Take copyblogger for instance, while I feel like they’re talking directly to me, I was stunned to see that 3 million people visited their site last month. They’re even more successful than I’d imagined!

Pretested success is yours for the asking.

Settle on a couple of businesses pulling in the number of visitors you’d like to attract. Following the blog topics they post, the words they use and the ads they run will help you figure out your ideal customers and what motivates them.

What are your competitor’s top posts? These are guideposts that will richly inform you about what topics to tackle. If you can add your own experience and knowledge in the same area, there’s a good chance you’ll attract people in the same niche. Your thoughts should build on what’s out there not copy it verbatim. What I’m suggesting is simply using top posts as a launching pad of relevant ideas that been pretested for you.

Learning whether their viewers use Facebook more than Twitter or Pinterest more than either will also help you figure out which platform to concentrate your efforts around. After all, you’re wearing a lot of hats and need to be sure that the time you spend will really help you connect with your ideal audience. They’re the people whose needs you know you can meet. A smart shortcut never hurts either.

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