Does Your Branding Help You Attract Ideal Customers?

Enjoying Delta Blues music

Delta Blues bands are featured at the Shack Up Inn

All of us, from businesses to individuals, are busy creating our brand today. We all know that it’s harder than ever now to stand out in the middle of all the content, channels, and startups out there, too. That’s why it’s important to develop your unique personal voice and use it consistently. Companies trying to attract too wide a range of customers are finding that they’re simply not being remembered at all.

Your goal isn’t to do business with everyone who needs what you have to sell, it’s to develop a following of people who believe in the same things you believe in.

I love how the Shack Up Inn stays true to their roots. They promote what they don’t offer possibly more than what you’ll get. Their honest, funny style is putting their brand on the travel map as a real tourist destination in and of itself.

If you welcome no frills and humor, you’re going to find them at the Shack Up Inn. Brochures… hell no. Roof leaks… only if it rains. Beer… we got all you can stand.

Shack Up Inn's main campus

Shack Up Inn’s Campus

Their marketing is so specific that you’ll know if you’re the least bit likely to be comfortable there almost immediately. By embracing the best about what they are and honestly promoting it, they’ve developed loyal fans, now spreading the word and building their empire.

Shack Up Inn Room

Room in one of the Shack Up Inn cabins

The best part about marketing to a distinct niche is that you’re much more likely to attract customers predestined to be happy with what you’re offering. Your chance of success just multiplied.