The Smaller Your Marketing Target, The Bigger Your Success.

A line of gift cards that shares empathy

Emily McDowell Studio’s Empathy Card Line

Yesterday, I was stunned when a friend posted a picture of herself on Facebook with her head completely shaved. Her cancer announcement to the world was a brave one and her twinkling eyes and smile showed her determination to beat it and go on enjoying life along the way.

Yesterday was also the first time that I saw Emily McDowell’s brilliant Empathy Cards. Her niche product is directly focused on Get Well Cards for people with serious illnesses. If you’ve ever struggled to figure out what to say to friends and family who have been diagnosed with cancer, it’s been beautifully solved. Emily’s a cancer survivor with a great wit. This line of cards are exactly what she would have loved to receive when fighting the disease. Fortunately for us, we know that we’re buying something that shows a real depth of understanding.

Cards for those with serious illnesses

Emily McDowell Studio’s cards for those with serious illnesses

By solving a problem for people in this narrow niche, Emily is enjoying great success. There’s a backlog of orders for her work and social media is quickly sharing news of her new line. The cards are spreading comfort and a smile to people who need encouragement. They’re also educating those of us who haven’t faced the same struggle, giving us insights about the people we love and care about.

Niche questions your business category

  • What can you bring to a select group of customers that really connects with them?
  • What problem are you solving for them?
  • What kind of work really motivates you?

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