Is Your Branding Motivating Your Employees Even If You Don’t Have Any Yet?

Apple iMac's innovative line of colors.

Apple’s iMacs were introduced in August of 1998.

Developing a brand for your business entails so much more than just creating a logo and look. A brand encapsulates the whole culture that surrounds your business. Something many companies don’t spend enough time considering is the internal messages that their communications sends. How do your blog posts, ads, tagline, etc. motivate people who work inside your firm, or that you’ll need to attract one day?

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple and the Think Different campaign was developed it was also a strong rallying cry to his employees. The internal message promised rewards for thinking different. Taking risks would be honored. It worked to drive innovation inside first. We were quickly marveling at computers with cool translucent Bondi cases in bright colors. Their unusual all-in-one design was followed by the iPod, iTunes, Genius Bars and iPhones.

Think Different represents seamless messaging and inside and out. If yours doesn’t do the same, it’s time to rethink your branding and ensure that it works harder. The Think Different campaign saved Apple, allowing its employees to keep changing the world in ways that changed ours too. Sales went from 3 billion in 1997 to 700 billion in 2015, the first company in history to reach that level of value. When your brand motivates on the inside, it makes all the difference on the outside.

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