Getting maximum advertising results with small media buys.

Today, clients are getting huge results while making small media buys in print and outdoor. How? They’re teaming with creative firms that use technology or just plain old smarts to develop something that’s unique. Instead of spending the money on media, producing just one specially placed outdoor message and capturing video of its impact can be marketed as an event in its own right. This shared content can produce huge audiences and articles in many publications.

Ikea recently created a new kind of outdoor message by turning the side of a building into a climbing wall that looked like an Ikea apartment. It was part of a four-day opening event in France. Built into it were spots to relax such as hanging chairs and mounted couches. Young, hip and eye-catching this Ikea marketing took off with articles and word spreading quickly. The firm ubi bene came up with the novel idea and just one installation created enormous buzz. Ikea’s ad tag is “Ikea, a mountain of inspiration” so the idea naturally connects smartly with the brand’s position.

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The cosmetics and skin care company Nivea used little media dollars to garner enormous amounts of free press and hundreds of thousands of views. Producing just 500 copies of a special print ad insert with a solar panel created enormous impact. The panel allowed beach goers to charge their phones outdoors and stay on the beach longer, just as using Nivea’s sun block allows people to stay at the beach and recharge themselves. The two messages tied together smartly and news of the unique ad spread around the globe garnering attention and major awards at Cannes, the Clios, and Adweek. This type of content marketing is becoming sought after as consumers want more than just ad messages. Giving them something useful that’s smartly connected to the product’s goals and consumers’ needs creates sharing and positive word of mouth that engages people in a meaningful way.

The solar idea was created by FCB Argentina.

The solar panel idea was an impressive success but not the only one. Looking at the big picture of protection, Nivea supported FCB Argentina’s second big idea, an ad containing a child protection bracelet linked to an app. This Nivea app alerts parents if their child wanders outside of a walking zone that they can preset. Not only does Nivea protect from sun damage it also helps parents enjoy their time at the beach while protecting them against having their children wander off. Far less time squinting into the sun while looking for their kids probably prevents wrinkles, too. This bracelet has a protective waterproof coating allowing it to be used again and again. Talk about smart protection! Just 2,000 copies of the ad were printed in a top magazine Veig Rio, directed toward women. The app was downloadable from either Apple or Google Play.

Again, word of mouth has been positive and promoted Nivea as a smart, caring, savvy, company in the process. If these ideas inspire you and your firm, use them as a starting point for generating the kind of creative ideas that make sense for your company.  As video work has become more the norm, consider the fact that Nivea’s taken the opportunity to stand out in print – proving that a traditional media can become innovative, too.