A New Pro-Peace Ad Campaign Is Launched.

Words Kill Wars

A new print campaign created by Ogilvy Mather, Japan hopes to create attention and donations for ADOT. It specifically focuses on the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia.  The posters, show the morphing of a weapon of war into a way to spread thoughts. They’re simple, graphic and should work well to communicate their message of encouragement across cultures. The visuals are so strong that ironically they probably don’t depend on words to deliver their message.  Can an ad campaign do much to prevent conflict?  Most of us would believe not but it’s still an important message and sharing its uplifting thinking may bring the world a little closer together.

Anti War Ad Campaign

Words Kill Wars – Missile

Ad Campaign to promote peace

Words Kill Wars – Pencil

Words Kill Anti-War Campaign, Ogilvy Mather, Japan

Words Kill Wars – Grenade