Making The Most Out Of Criticism

If people had any idea how easy it is to kill ads, the professionals would be in trouble. That’s right, many clients will pull advertising after receiving just a few complaints. Even though a company has possibly invested hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in the production of an ad, it can still get the axe, swiftly.

That’s why it’s so wonderful to see clients that embrace criticism as Honey Maid Crackers just did. They took a tough stance originally by approving an ad that embraces all kinds of families regardless of race, or sexual orientation. Then, they didn’t duck but stood behind that ad when the hate mail arrived. Rather than pulling the work, they hired two artists to create something positive out of the backlash.

The video showcasing their “response” has gone viral and you can bet that Honey Maid is going to also sell a lot more crackers. How great is that? This response doesn’t get defensive, doesn’t judge anyone for their opinions. It merely states the facts in a creative and positive way.

When you’ve got work that’s a bit controversial, it’s smart to look into other cases where advertisers stood their ground. Kenneth Cole, a shoe brand known for it’s edgy ads, welcomes any criticism. The controversy creates more news and spreads the word about them without any media purchasing necessary.

Kenneth Cole Ad

Kenneth Cole Ad


Benetton built a global clothing brand on its strong stances and theme “The United Colors of Benetton”. While supporting love, peace, and the acceptance of all is in keeping with common values, Benetton’s stunning visuals make their messages so powerful and unforgettable.


Benetton UnHate Campaign

So the next time you’re debating whether to embrace a message or reject it, think about the company’s core values. If they’re in line with the message, it could be a great combination. Perhaps, it’s time to support an idea that’s sure to be noticed?