Don’t Walk Dance (Quick Tips On Using Your Time And Energy Smartly)

Get Stronger, Smarter, Faster FastHaving worked in the advertising business for years, I’ve experienced tight deadlines, sometimes crazy deadlines. Along the way, I’ve gotten much calmer and faster when it comes to creating new ideas and getting things produced. It was that or get out of the communications business. Luckily, I’ve been blessed with good health and a surprising amount of energy. I’ve always thought of the business as “serious fun” rather than WORK so that may have helped.

There are a couple of things though that make a huge difference for me and what I can accomplish on any given day. While it’s one thing to have good energy, it’s another to consciously think about the best way to use it. I’m a morning person and can jump out of bed at 5:30AM ready to take on the day without coffee. I’m also most creative in the mornings. This means that it’s important to schedule any creative work for mornings (as much as possible). While there are always co-workers and people with plans for meetings in the mornings, I try to avoid anything that will cut into my good creative time. I’ll simply say that I can’t attend a meeting until the afternoon. A photographer needs to discuss props for a shoot? That’s an afternoon activity, just as reviewing a casting reel or anything else that doesn’t require creativity.

Once your write down your big goals and make your day’s To Do List, take a look at the items on it and jot a few quick times of day to do each. Stop giving up your productive creative hours to things that don’t need it.

We all have a set amount of energy each day. Use it wisely. If a client kills work, don’t spend a lot of time and energy discussing what a mistake they made. Did your boss or professor just tell you that the project you brought in needs revisions or to be started over? Use your energy to get back to work on that project and make the next version of it even better.

At the end of the year, no one will remember the bumps along the way, they’ll remember what was produced. So, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot by using valuable time to focus on anything that doesn’t produce good results for you. Yes you. Be selfish about this. Make yourself famous and you’ll make your clients and company famous. Heck, it’ll even lead to bigger paychecks for everyone.