Mighty, Mighty quick results for a new site developed by three students

A tumbler that allows people to encourage each other with short videos

There’s a new site and it’s gaining traction quickly.  What is it?  Mighty, Mighty You.  It’s designed to allow anyone to send an encouraging message to others.  That way, we can all be cheered up and cheered on by a quick visit  to the site.  There, we’ll see people sending short video messages of encouragement.  Who doesn’t need a little building up now and then?  The site was created by three students,  who are studying at the VCU Brandcenter.  Each summer, students are sent on internships to interesting advertising, digital and client-side firms.  There,  they experience an opportunity to put their education and expertise to work on projects for major brands.  (I know a little something about this because I started the school and its summer intern program.  Check out the link in a minute.  It’s a fairly interesting place.)

This summer, Rilee Harman, Kirstie Maryoll and Cameron Ferrin are working at Coke’s corporate headquarters.  While they’re the first to say that the people at Coke have been great to them, after four weeks there each has felt a bit lonely during their experience.

“To be clear, this wasn’t a sad, depressing alone. More like an unmet need to feel a part of something. To be included. A longing to exchange friendly encouragement and camaraderie. Not surprisingly, further exploration revealed masses of people experiencing the same feelings every day – the desire to be celebrated. And while we initially considered this an isolated incident, it became evident that something could be done to bring more happiness to more people.” reported  Cameron Ferrin.

After some brainstorming, the Mighty, Mighty You site idea was born.  They see it as a new collaborative encouragement space.  People want to see each other succeed.  We cheer for teams, Olympic athletes, and even race horses.  Their tumbler platform makes it easy to give or receive a nice “high-five”.  And, it’s already connecting them to more people.  While the site is only a couple of weeks old, they’ve managed to get the word out to Many, Many.  First they sent the word out to friends and connections via their site’s blog and Twitter.  Then, they sent personal Twitter messages with links to their site to celebrities, reporters and ad professionals.  They also decided to head to New York and make a bigger impression while delivering words of encouragement wherever they went.

Rilee Harman, Kirstie Maryoll and Cameron Ferrin in NY

Rilee Harman, Kirstie Maryoll and Cameron Ferrin in NY

In one short 48hr. trip to New York they accomplished the following:

• Met with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America

• Met top leaders of Mother, Wieden + Kennedy, Mashable and more leading communications firms

• Found a reporter at AdBuzz to cover their story

• Delivered messages of encouragement personally for people that had been collected prior to the trip

• Created video and blog posts to keep people informed on their NY activities

• Created photo opportunities to show off their new Mighty Mighty You T-Shirts

They’ve shown that it’s not all that hard to create a successful promotion.  Their work reminds us that it doesn’t have to be expensive, either.  I’ve learned to connect more personally with important people that will help get my message out.  Somehow seeing them do it in person made a big impression on me.  They put together a plan and worked hard for two days to make it a reality.  In no time, they’ve been featured in:

Advertising Week  Social Club

I Have An Idea

Ad Buzz

Mighty Mighty You video encouragement

So, go to the site, click on the mustache and enjoy a bit of encouragement – if you feel the need, you can enjoy a few different encouraging messages.  Think about making one of your own – maybe for the Mighty, Mighty crew behind this lovely idea.  Let’s get behind it, and help them encourage others.  You can also follow them on Twitter @rileeharman @kmaryott @camferrin