Turning Shopping For American Products Into A Movement

Three former advertising fellows in Boulder Colorado just starting a shopping movement.  Yes, a movement.  Their team puts together a small collection of great American-made products and offers them at a great price for a limited amount of time.  Then, they move on to another great collection, selling it for a limited time.  This is fairly cool in and of itself as a company offering.  Made Collection takes it a step further by letting us know exactly how many Americans are supported by each product.  They’ve also come up with Boom points to acknowledge our economic help.  David Schiff, Scot Prindle and John Kieselhorst, all formerly of CP+B, are behind this new start-up.  It looks like they’ve been influenced by Alex Bogusky who’s just joined them to launch the firm Made Movement.  All sorts of good things happen when we make stuff here, from new jobs to a smaller carbon footprint and leaner processes,” Bogusky said. “Red, white and blue is the new green.”

Made Collection Homepage

Made Collection’s homepage

While I’m not trying to promote consumption, I do like supporting people in the US and creating a smaller ecological footprint by shipping things less distance.  This site should also help the companies featured grow by spreading the word about the great products they’re making and the employees they support.  The website is clean, graphic and user-friendly, too.  I’m going to keep them in mind when I need to purchase gifts or buy things for my home and business.  It’s a cool idea that I wish I’d thought of myself.

Here’s a short animated video explaining a bit more detail on how it works.