Made In America Because That’s How America Was Made

Jack Daniels whisky celebrates American handmade, quality.  Their independence poster campaign takes advantage of our pride in country during a month when we’re looking for things that sum up our feelings and are easy to share.  Instead of treating their customers to three great posters, they took it a step further and shared three videos of the people behind the creation of each piece of art.  Many companies would have stopped there, feeling that they’d accomplished a lot – not Jack Daniels.

They took it a step farther and allowed anyone clicking on their website from the videos to create their own posters, too.  People are taken straight to their Facebook page to create.  Thousands of people shared the artwork, videos and even their own independence posters.  I love the work, their choice in artists, and the way they’ve involved all of us.  This is social media done right.

The next time you’re creating something for your brand, ask yourself if you can take the idea further – into other media.  Ask yourself if there’s a way to make it interactive.  Ask yourself if you can involve other social media stars.  Their fans could become your fans and will help spread the work for your products.