Collecting a million Twitter followers just got easier for one person.

Twitterich, looking for followers by giving away a million followers to one participant.

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We’ve all seen tons of tweets and blog posts focused on the best way to increase your followers.  Bloggers offer all kinds of advice and free incentives from newsletters to books to free consultations.  I’ve never seen a follower idea like this before.  Twitterich is a social media experiment.  It offers one person, a million – that right – a million, followers if they’ll follow Twitterich.  So, will people follow this sweepstakes, hoping that they’ll be the lucky winner?  Will they think it’s a scam?  Someone will likely end up with a million followers and this could be worth a lot.  It’s also interesting to think of yourself as the door prize in a contest that you’re entering.  It could be a great win for someone.  Let’s not forget, after winning all these followers the lucky individual will have to work hard to keep them.  How? The hard way, by creating interesting content.