Pinterest Marketing Ideas Are Rewarding Businesses Big And Small

Pinterest is enabling savvy marketers to make a significant amount of impressions and grow their consumer communities. There are 2.2 million daily active users.  Monthly, the site is attracting 12 million active users and the numbers are growing rapidly. According to Shareaholic, Pinterest drove more referrals than Google+, LinkIn and YouTube combined in January.  This is important since it looks like Pinterest users are more likely to share, buy and refer others to sites.  How do you make the most of it? Here are a few ideas.

Marketing Kate Spade on Pinterest

Kate Spade NY on Pinterest connects with consumers

1. Tell your story by telling the story of your customers. What’s important to them? What do they care about? What do they aspire to? What is happening now in their lives? Kate Spade’s Pinterest site does an excellent job of describing their customers by their interests and style. From boards with ideas on how to travel to how to charm, they’re giving their followers a lot to love.  Along the way, they’re mixing in a few of their own products.

Gap's Pinterest Marketing Efforts Highlight Their Customers

Gap's Pinterest board highlight's customers

2. Post things that you know will appeal to your customers. For every one item of your own, post 10 others. Check what’s most popular with your community. It can help you determine new products and trends. Gap stores has a board called Everybody in Gap. On it they post select pictures sent in from their customers dressed in Gap items. It’s a great way to highlight their fans for their fashion sense. Featuring customers that are fashion bloggers gives everyone, including Gap more exposure and makes it more likely that these influential people will feel good about buying and featuring more Gap products on their blogs. You want people to bring their friends to your site.  A fashion blogger saying “check me out” will encourage their community to take a look at them on your Pinterest site and once there they may check out some of the other things you’ve got posted.  Watching which style looks are repined most also gives the Gap and Kate Spade important design and manufacturing information.  There’s no doubt that it can do the same for you.

Pinterest Marketing Campaign for Kotex

50 gift boxes turned into 694,853 impressions

3. Show you understand your customers. Your content can do this and so can promotions if done correctly. Israeli agency Smoyz created a simple and effective promotion for their client Kotex called Inspiration Day. They chose 50 inspiring Pinterest women and put together a gift box for each that contained some of the items these women had pinned to their boards.  50 inspiration gift boxes were sent. The results? Almost every woman who received one pinned a photo of it, posted about it on FaceBook, and tweeted about the experience. Within a short time, there were 2,284 interactions and 694,853 impressions – all from 50 small gift boxes.

4. If you’re organizing a photo shoot or video shoot, be sure to take shots of the prep work behind the scenes.  Maybe you’re just reorganizing a section of your shop, what decisions did you make and what was the end result?  Be human and I’ll bet you get some interesting comments and attention.  You can post these pictures to Pinterest and build a tighter relationship with consumers who get this insider information.

Behind the scenes at Fashion Week

Dress designs behind Fashion Week

So, think about how you can show you understand the things your customers care about. What simple actions can you take to create interesting stories with your boards? Give people reason to want to follow you and remember to have fun along the way.  Check out my Pinterest wall.  I post interesting design, photography, web work, and more.