A Quick Test. Is Your Brand Attracting As Many Followers As Possible?

Growing your brand's followers

Growing your brand's dedicated consumer followers

How many brands do you follow on social media? I’m guilty of following few. This probably has to do with the fact that I haven’t gotten much in return from those I do follow. According to a recent study of 1,300 consumers and over 120 CMO’s there’s quite a divide between why consumers really follow brands and why CMO’s think that they follow their brand.  Ask yourself if you really know what motivates your followers?  As it turns out, most CMO’s failed this simple test.

• 65% of consumers cite the number one reason that they follow a business is for the games, contests, and promotions.

• CMO’s site the fact that their content is agreeable as the number one reason people follow their brand online.

• The second reason CMO’s think customers follow them is to be heard.

• Consumers say that it’s to learn about new products.

So, what are you offering your followers? Are there things you can offer that will separate you from your competitors?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines provides a striking example of one way to make things interesting for followers. Steve Olenski writes about some great creative ideas that KLM launched:

• They’ve started an innovative program called Meet & Seat. It allows passengers to link their social media profiles to their check-in information and choose a seat partner that they may have something in common with or simply think is interesting.

• They’ve also held a “Highest Altitude Dance Party” in the sky and entered the Guinness Book of Records in one noteworthy day.

Most importantly, both of these ideas show a company that’s hip, savvy, friendly, and fun. What airline wouldn’t like these descriptors?

So think about what you’re offering and how to make following your brand more enticing.

Don’t forget to also reward your most active online contributors. Right now, only 7% of companies work to keep those valuable members of their community in the circle. We all know that finding loyal customers is hard. It’s worth a little effort to show consumers some love.