Developing a marketing plan for your business

After 25 years in communications, I’ve seen a lot of descriptions or definitions of marketing plans. This one, is the best and truly appropriate for today’s world.  We need to remind ourselves that it’s a world in which our customers need a good reason to seek us out in the mix of noise that bombards them each day.

You, amplified (a poem about marketing)

Photography of a carved apple by Ilian

Photo by Ilian

You, amplified (a poem about marketing)

 is not yelling.

It is not even selling.

It is not bears 
dancing around a cereal box
 or yellow highlighter pixels
 on top of BUY ME NOW pixels
 or naked juggling smash-cut ladies on fiery unicycles.

It is not taglines or jingles, 
one-sheets or tri-folds,
 slide decks 
special offers 
or branding branding branding.

Marketing is offering.

It is talking to people 
with words
 and sounds 
and gestures 
and pictures
 specially chosen 
so that the people who need to hear 
what you have to share 
and clearly.

 is the truth of you, 
into the language of them:
 in the room 
on the page
 over the air.

It is you
 giving of yourself 
to the people
 who are ready to receive.

And that thing you say 
that hand you shake 
that ad
 that tag
 that special bonus extra 
is really you, amplified.

Loud enough so they can hear 
soft enough so they can hear themselves think
 and feel themselves feeling 
and find themselves connecting
 with you.

It is a thing
 of poetry
 not a practice 
to abuse.

Express yourself 
with love and no fear 
and you will find yourself 
surrounded by the best 
the world has to offer:

Your “them.”

Drawn to you 
for what they need
 and not what you are trying to make them want.

You, amplified, 
do this.

At just the right level
 in just the right time 
with truth 
and honor 
and love 
and fun 
and heat
 and light 
and fart jokes,

Colleen Wainwright, communicatrix